@ - Sleep /\ Innocence - @

So You Sleep ,

Pretty Much Every Dai ,

I Personally Sometimes Go Lyke 2ish To 3ish Days Without Any Rest ,

Then I Am Ready To Let Tha World Go … ,

But I Often Fynde Myself Worried That Someone Is Going To Erase My Innocence ,

OR Shall e(Y)e Say (?) ,

Tha Innocence OR Spark Within My Natural Clean Heart ,

I Wonder Sometimes ,

" what if I go the wrong way ? what if I make the wrong choice ? " ,

So I Fynde That , Rest , Any Type Of Rest ,

For Instance , An Hour Of A Nap As You Awake From A Terrifying Nightmare ,

That , Can Re-Start Your Natural Clean heart ,

and What You Thot Was Lost Could Be Within A Birthing PERHAPS Some Sort Of A Re-Growth ,


A Long Dreamland Sleep Of Wonders Can Probs Be Tha Birthing Awaiting Your Arrival To Where You Once Started ,

In A Positive Way Perhaps ,

You See ,

Innocence Is Important , and For Whatever Reason Twas Lost , Can Be Found Again … ,

As Far As My Scientific Study Is Concerned , A Nap , A Long Slumber , and Anything In Between Can Be A Beautiful Planted Garden Of Joy For Your Future , … , Perhaps … ,

So If You Feel As If Your Imagination Has Been Torn To Shreds , Not To Worry ,

Because After You Sip Some Of That Sleepy Tea ,

and get Ready For A Long Or Short Nap ,

You May Awake Not Even Worrying About What Was Lost N E More ,

In A Positive Way … ,

B e S a f e a n d H a v e F u n K I d’s (!!!)

Uncalled for though wouldn’t you say?

Yes I agree pan…As it clearly says in the rules to please speak English! Every one seems to be able to but not sleep…Being different just for the sack of being different is just anther form of conforming. What’s wrong with just being yourself @ATARI? Same could said of you too pans.

Dude ,

“dreamscape” ,


I can read it just fine.

Who cares.

You are just making stuff up.

Yeah I’m evil you will have do the right thing and kill me wont you8