Sleep Disorder?

I go to sleep early some nights, too early, because I can’t stay awake. I take my meds and get into my bed but wake up a few hours later. And it always changes over time. I’ll feel like I’ve slept the entire night but it will be maybe four hours later. I’ll be awake all night. I usually don’t drink caffeinated drinks. Then I sleep in the daytime. I can’t help it. I’ve been able to have this lifestyle because I don’t have to work. But it’s really dysfunctional. Without medication I get almost no sleep at all. I’ll probably be up all night tonight and I don’t want to sleep tomorrow in the day, I need to get out, do things. I guess I’m powerless. Whether it’s from not working or not is irrelevant. I can’t find a sleep aid that doesn’t make me sleep too much. It’s terribly difficult to live this way, I feel very guilty.


Yeah, like that!


Sleeping well is difficult for more people than you might think, MI or not

I am the same

My dreams can feel like a lifetime, so when I wake up I have a distorted time zone


Yeah, there are sleepchallenges for many on meds. I am in the transition between two meds. Tonight I didn’t sleep at all, but the day before I luckily got about 7 hours. Coming off zyprexa I expected sleep to be a bigger issue, so I can’t complain. I just hope sleep gets stable over time. I will sleep or at least try and relax in the daytime if I can. On zyprexa this was impossible, but now it might actually work.

Don’t feel guilty though. Taking these meds we are on different terms than healthy people. It can’t be helped. The main thing is to make ends meet even if it means sleeping at odd hours.

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I sleep most of the days just three to four hours. I wake up between 1 and 4 am and get the rest of the sleep during the day. I had insomnia for 14 months. Now I can sleep every night a little bit. The sleeping during day time is really too much.

I’m on 50 mg Quietiapine, since then I can sleep every night for a bit.

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