Sleep attacks or hallucination

more than 6 months 8 months i cant remember
sleep attacks come to me
so i sleeep i sleep more than 12 hr a day
i donty know whether it is side effect of drugs or hallucinations
and pdoc gave me tricyclic antidepressants and ssri
it doesnt go away until now i feel im tortured
what to do ??
i was taking haloperidol shot and oral pimozide beside anafronil25 ,paroxetine and biperden

Hello @saynow, people here are empathetic and if you see they don’t respond its because have not described fully what you mean,
It can be because of both, hallucinating consumes energy and meds also have the side effect you mentioned,
Please write more clear,
Where are you from and what’s your age?

Oversleeping and the tiredness that comes with it often could be due to a lot of things: stress, side effects, insomnia which can lead to staying up very long periods of time and then sleeping long periods of time, depression, etc. It’s best to see a doctor and see if they can help you find out the cause if some more basic remedies like setting alarms doesn’t keep you from oversleeping.

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