Sleep attacks happen during specific times?

If I wake up in the morning, they tend to happen at 1 pm. If I drink an energy drink before then however, they happen later, at like 4 pm. If I drink an energy drink around 3 pm they will happen even LATER at like 6 pm-8 pm which really messes up my sleep schedule. So it seems drinking energy drinks does not prevent the attacks it only pushes them off for a few hours.

It takes the equivalent of 2 energy drinks to start feeling normal if I am already hit by a sleep attack but 1 works to push it off if it hasn’t happened yet.

It is a real pain when they do hit because it’s probably around 3-4 hours of INTENSE drowsiness that does not improve until I nap. Furthermore the nap I take tends to last about 2 hours, during which I dream vividly. That’s a chunk gone out of the day. When I had akathisia that usually lasted a few hours as well so between that and the sleep attacks I was practically unable to function. Luckily I don’t have to deal w akathisia anymore

When I don’t understand something I try to observe it as much as possible so I can learn all I can about it. I think maybe I have a circadian rhythm issue due to the specific routine the sleep attacks seem to follow.