Sleep advice

Anybody sleep well on Abilify? I’m having some trouble. I don’t exercise so that might not be helping…

Exercise helps me get better sleep on abilify. I don’t do much. I take walks occasionally (especially when lockdown isn’t on) and then I lift weights (currently 40-50kg) for about 30-50 repetitions.

I notice that I sleep better. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I wake up rested, (but then I’m being screened for chronic fatigue syndrome).

Routine works for me. I was on abilify for a couple of years and ended up going back to zyprexa. Just didn’t work for me but taking it same time everyday etc really does help. I think it’s pretty activating so maybe taking it early would help. Not too sure as we are all different but try to get some structure to your days…I’m on different meds but it really helps me no end!

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