Slav style

All you slavs on the forum feel free to join. Let’s show the world our good style and intriguing culture How? Throught the memes of course!



Unique architecture


Sup sarad …what are u upto…??? Flicks are nice…!!!

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Im up to nothing :rofl:

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Oh and the old man in the last pic is making a rakia.

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Hahaha sarad ur profile pics so lovely and sweet…!!!

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I think i know the meaning of what rakia is… it’s like vodka? We say “rachiu” in romanian but it’s not for me. Too much alcohol


Yeah we’re like slav cousins :grinning:

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Whare r u from Sarad

we call it raki

Im from Croatia. I see you got pretty sea over there :slight_smile: Never been to Bulgaria…nor Romania.

Anyone from Montenegro here?
Or Czech or Slovakia?
I dont think so :thinking:

Anyone who wants to know more about Slavic culture, check out this page, it is really cool.