Skilled work makes it seem like magic

Have you ever looked at someone’s work and said “How did you do that, it looks impossible.” But that’s the nature of having a skill. It is all a matter of breaking learning down into simple steps. Still, I find myself in awe.


Attention to detail and patience is sometimes the only diffrence between average and amazing, at least when i make art.

I should post some of my leather craft XD. Before I did it, I was like WOW THAT IS AMAZING. Now, I look back on my earlier stuff and can barely stand it. At the time, it was the bomb though! I guess that is improvement for you.

Over time, through practice, anyone can develop the skill with enough time and care. It does vary on the person but all can develop skills. I find this strange too. You start out watching someone and see them as a god. Then you start learning how to do it and over time, you are someone else’s “god.” Still though, you want to improve more.

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