Sketches today

Sketches I did today. What do you think?


Well done!

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Nice work @Star84

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Good stuff, looks like you had fun too!

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Yeah it was fun. How are you keeping? I have a interview Monday.

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I’m okay…

Congrats for an Interview offer, what’s it for may I ask

Answering phone and emails for a food company. Part time from home.

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Omg that sounds good. Best of luck you’ll do fab. Just be yourself and enjoy the interview

That’s pretty cool. I like the guy in the upper left the most

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Thanks the guy’s my brother and the girl my niece.

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How’s your house share going? are you still working?

I don’t like having the gas boiler in my bedroom.

Plus another thing which I prefer not to mention in a public forum.

Not sure if I’m going to stay here long term.

I’m still working yea

How many hours is this job

10 hours a week. Congrats on lasting in job. I can keep ESA with job.

Do you know any college that does a full time free portrait painting course?

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