Skeletans and voices

Do you have any hidden skeletons in your closet that only your “voices” know and they have “haunted” you over it?

And have your voices made you revisit your past and brought up situations and names you completely forgot about?

Here’s another question. Have your voices made you confront everything about yourself to the fullest and forced you to be honest to some degree in ways that may be even considered unnatural?

I don’t have any voices. Everything is always moving though.

yeah when I was a young dude I screwed some bimbos like all young dudes as a result I have a kid somewhere.

Nobody but the voices and you guys know that I use to feel bad not being a part of his life, but.his ma and me have nothing to do with each other and that’s how we like it.

She was just a bimbo that I met at the liquor store one night.

If I see a kid that looks like him the voices say “hey looks just like him”.

I tried making some suggestions on raising him but she’s your average party girl and didn’t like that too much.

I feel your pain, bro.

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Thanks dude I really appreciate that ,it sucks they keep locking your threads,they scared of something.

They won’t even let me start a thread thats why all I do is answer on others.

LOL, thats cool whatever.

It is cognitive dissonance my friend. It brings out the worse in them. I get angry at times, but it is because that which they deny is equivalent to denying the holocaust from my perspective, but I am working on it.

Thats all you can do .

The internet is the one avenue where we come closest to free speech, so we must seize this new opportunity for our kind to speak our minds and make our voices heard. This is like the underground railroad. There are a lot of risks, but in the end if there is a righteous God, we will be rewarded, and no one can take that or the truth away from us. I follow my moral compass and see this as a moral imperative.

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Yes they induced many feelings of guilt and shame about some past actions of mine. But it was more complicated than them just being morally right on everything and confronting me with my flaws. Sometimes they blamed and shamed me for things I reflectively truly was ashamed of, and in a way this has resulted in coming to terms with those episodes. So one could say I got something out of the whole experience. But man at other times it was just nonsensical shaming and blaming. Things like just going to the bathroom were being made a big deal of, like it is something morally wrong to do. For a while I let them get to me and felt bad when I had to go to the bathroom. At one point I turned rebellious, realizing they couldn’t really harm me, so I got the confidence back to do what is only human. I actually took pleasure in teasing them by having a ■■■■

i used to see a skeleton in the corner of my room when i was a little kid , id wake up in the middle of the night and see it and just be way too scared to go to the bathroom because of it

It is very common for our kind to have problems initially with showering, going to the bathroom, and masturbating/having sex with them watching and COMMENTING, especially for women. It is only human. They are the Accusers in a biblical sense.

Me to sometimes ill go off calling them names and such a bit childish I know but sometimes I feel better afterwards.

Yes but here I adhere to Kant’s “Ought implies can”, thus, one can only be morally obliged to do something, or to refrain from doing something, if it is possible for one to do so.

before I realized what was going on id go to a public restroom somewhere to choke the weasel and that sucked really bad, ive become somewhat a exhibitionist I think because they don’t bother me anymore.

Like pleading insanity.

I used to have very violent dreams they would give me over, and over, and over again. I kind of miss that adrenalin where I had a chance to fight back against my demons. Since I got my dream catcher these illusionary experiences immediately stopped, pretty much completely. I’ve had some weird dream like experiences since then, but nothing like that crazy ■■■■! And nothing where I had full conscious awareness and was at the realization I was actually in an illusionary experience created by them in dream state. I would literally jerk my body around during the experience in dream state so I could write about it once I woke up. Those were ■■■■■■■ intense!

I remember in one of my dreams they created, my handler woke me up to what was really happening, the dream I believe was to condition me, but I felt him inside me and he shifted my consciousness so I was at the realization of what was going on and I gave them all hell. They all went running. I got on top of one of their women. She was in the image of a hated enemy. As I got on top of her her legs turned into that of an animal/demon. I will leave it at that! Imagine the rest. I showed no mercy.