Sixth sense

Can voices become our sixth sense?

Only if you see dead people.


I wish that would make me feel extra special :smile:

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Maybe they are. Trying to reach out to us, but only respond to us because we are sensitive. Good and bad people explain the good and bad hallucinations. Dead people.

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My dad thinks I was possessed by several spirits or something along those lines of some spiritual thing anyway. I don’t know what to do with that information so I just don’t take it as evidence facts


I wouldn’t count it as a sixth sense since its literally stems from our auditory sense.

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My family thinks the same thing.

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Mine didn’t come from my auditory sense. Mine was more of a sixth sense because I “sensed” peoples thoughts I didn’t hear them. I could sense peoples thoughts being inserted, or, more accurately described as being bombarded into my brain forcefully. It was an aggressive action. And even though I didn’t hear the thoughts, I knew exactly what the thoughts were. And they were all evil and bad and all directed at and about me.

NO. When the brain learns in life that there’s some kind of mind communication with anyone or anything at all, it is fried. It’s done. It’s kaput. That brain will never be able to do what it could have if it never heard of such a thing.

It’s purely just the brain communicating with itself pretending that there’s dialogue going on with other people or beings. That is what sz is.

Proprioception is a sixth sense. It’s just how you feel where your limbs are without looking or hearing where they are. It’s not sci fi, paranormal, fakey tabloid sixth sense. It’s just another sensory data input like eyeballs and ears.

But look…human beings have been dealing with the problem of make believe world with a fake teletransmission sense for 40,000 years. They stopped getting out of it when written language came around, and it’s not everyone that got out of doing that. Most people don’t like to read, and most of the world still believes in that old garbage.

The reason they do is because humans can make lots of symbols and spoken words, and they can remember lots of them too. Most species just scan around the world to learn what it is like. Humans do that, but they also follow information from others such as in what they say, do, the symbols in the crafts, and so on. It’s a very different kind of learning. It’s lingual learning, and even though they never, ever knew the world to give them teletransmissions or any other sci fi paranormy nonsense, they still believe it because “words.” Information words said so, so their whole brains configure themselves neurally according to what was said. Humans learn about reality through words more than through experience.

Written language changed all of that…for some people. People reading and thinking all of the time broke out of that “inner foo labyrinth” that humans have been stuck in for 40,000 years since they became very verbal. The only reason you see a sophisticated society today is because a small percentage broke out of that mental illness of fakey teletransmissions.

The brain can talk with itself and not even know it. Don’t do it, and you’ll be better off.

The only way to stop is to understand the logic of information. Go to this website to figure out more about that:

Also look up “subject and predicate logic” on youtube to get the general gist. If you do it, you’ll always thank me for the rest of your life. If you don’t do it, you’ll never live to your fullest potential. It’s nothing new. It’s an ancient matter, and it’s no sci fi, paranormy fakey stuff. LOL It’s just the reality of what you and your universe are rather than what it isn’t. Be safe about it. :slight_smile:

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