Six years of hell

No he’s not a dick.

A cac cac cac cac, il see ye later folks

You should get some freinds in real life instead of sucking up to forum ‘pillars of the community’

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I can’t get friends because I’m pretty sure I’m autistic and I’m not sucking up to anyone.

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Dont label yourself man, the dick dosent do that

Autism fits me. It’s accurate.

What is your deal @schizofreindly ?! You need to chill out and leave him alone

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Sometimes people post bs but we all make mistakes

Different opinions is all it is, chill out

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Are you diagnosed with autism? I thought I had that but my Dr said no. Also I read that sz negative symptoms like not being social, etc are similar to autism.

Autism,epilepsy,aspergers. Szs are proper fcked

No but I’ve watched videos about it and read about it. Maybe I just have bad negative symptoms but I think it’s autism.

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Are you diagnosed with sz? What meds are you on?


Im on olanzapine 15mg

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