Situation Resolved

He apologized and I’ve decided I’m moving in with a friend…

He sounds ■■■■■■ up. I think getting out of the house might be the best thing for you…if he’s having med problems and trying to quit smoking, hes gonna act ■■■■■■ up. Maybe try to tell him to just get his meds ■■■■ figured out (I have never heard of chantix) but angry people quitting smoking are not good company.

I am very sorry, it sounds like quite a situation.

I know my dad and I know this wasn’t normal for him. He is usually really good at handling stress. I’m glad he stopped taking it, and I hope that he recovers. But, although I personally understood what he was saying, and I know what’s going on, I still think I should move out. I’m nervous about it. I don’t know , it may work out the best for all of us. Something needs to be done about my mom though, she can no longer take care of herself and its getting a lot worse. She needs to be in a care home but no one has the heart to do that, and my dad is taking responsibility of taking care of her. …I cant take care of my mom, and everyone knows this. I think this will work out well. Small, simple steps.