Site History Timeline

The timeline was created according to data from and About Us section on,
AFAIK, the site was founded in memory of John Chiko who had passed away in Nov 1995.


Can you add a point in time when sarad entered the Forum?


I have to “magnify” it, so…now it looks like:


Or, better still…


i entered just as the site revamped

There should be a timeline with all the members joining dates

plumber, could you incorporate when chat went down, there use to be a chat feature on this site for a long time but it didn’t work out

Really? You must be a very senior member then!

So how many gold farming bots are selling gold on ebay? Just kidding everyone. I have a weird sense of humour, or so I am told.

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That would be a long listing or long timeline… Then it needs to be generated automatically by the site administrator, because using manual drawing would be much difficult… :blush:

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I know, it would just be fun to have :smile:

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Do you have the link? I can’t do anything pertaining to this site-- I am not the owner or administrator.

Your humor needs language proficiency beyond my level. :blush:

Oh, sorry, I overlooked the sentence ‘incorporated…’. When did the chat feature go offline?

i can’t remember, i wanted to use it but i was too scared and then they stopped it so i couldn’t do it anymore even if i wanted to

There were discussions on this forum months ago…

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Lol I was kidding but thank you very much.
( I just thought it should be a sort of a mourning day marked with a black square or something :slight_smile: )


take care :alien:

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