SirBoring I don't mind getting suspended again

News flash

I’ll probably stay

I know you think ignore and isolate and criminalize

will you feel better

Someone, an artist once said in a painting, “I’d rather not hold a grudge, I’d rather hold a Grutz.”

it’s people like him that make the boards really bad

he’s not open or honest even with himself

anyone who’s read this thread: please summarize its gist in 1 word.

I guess my fault is I want everyone to be more like me

Never possible

This thread is about… My little pony… I know that’s 3 words please feel free to post your favorite my little pony and or favorite cat pic… @sirBoring

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nice try. but thread title hints not that. :stuck_out_tongue:

if I get in trouble for off-topic… lol lol lol


You have loved me from the beginning

you’ve always had a thing with me

and your comments on this thread prove you are a 4th grader in love with me

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See, what you got here is major distraction

the poster puts the attention on the one accused to make amends in a negative way

it’s not @flameoftherhine fault he only does what is assumed too close to the bone
instead of asking the poster why so?

I get it

and I hope everyone else does too

In other words, no give my way from @flameoftherhine

because his love for me is meant to be subservient and woman actual to his liking

you should PM me, next time.

I don’t deserve a personal thread.

ha, you funny

I don’t PM privileges and might be gone again by the end of the night if you keep pushing me.

Takes a strong woman to stand against the pack, a very strong one, yet to have to stand it alone…isn’t kind.
@Daze, I’m sorry I came in to late to know this fight, but I stand behind your strength.

if you think I haven’t received any PM, keep sending

thanks, well, I try anyway but don’t go about it the right way to set things ok.

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I still admire your strength.

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I do love you @daze… It was a little gloomy in here needed some ponies and kitties… I took no sides… Well I took the pony kitty side… But who wouldn’t…


I like @sirboring for his polls and off beat humor.

I don’t especially like the way he treats me personally, but I’ll let it go.

@flameoftherhine at least you responded, right?

yeah, it’s all good.

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I wish I could drink every day and come on here and just talk ■■■■ like you do @Daze you practically beg the mods to have to ban you…why don’t you put down the bottle? I will pray for you. I am worried about you.

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reading my friends’ replies, it seems that I made right choice…

especially since I get easily triggered when reading. I’m careful

ahh, see friends think slamming you and bringing you to your knees actually works

I’ve paid money to Michael, to support his cigarette habit, still feels inclined to open the hydrants

well, you know Michael, I’ve worked all my life, I’ve been brought down in so many ways you would never
experience sitting there at your house

nice try with me. You only come around to post about once a day. What the hell do you do all day?