Sinus Infection with BP Schizophrenia

I’m fighting a nasty sinus infection, and my mental health seems really low, but I’ve barely got the energy to keep getting healthier from the infection. I imagine it’s these little mite things in my nose, but the antibiotics are killing them. It’s weird, not like the flu with body aches but just a nasty sinus infection. If it was hard keeping thoughts straight before, now it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Worst part, I was supposed to be on a sunny vacation right about now, but I’m stuck at home with little mites eating away at the junction of my nose and brain. I know that’s not how it works but sure feels that way.

I used to get a sinus infection at least every other year for over 10 years straight. Don’t know about you but I found my sinuses got better when I sat in the warm/hot sun for awhile. A steamy hot shower helped with the pain as well.
Don’t think after the last time the doctors made me wait over 5 days to treat me it was pretty far gone and the infection ate a big hole in my sinuses that I 've ever gone back.

When I have a sinus infection I hit the steam room at the pool my sister works, but if you can’t get to a steam room, or don’t want to turn your bathroom into a steam room, I would also dunk my face in slightly hot water. Or I would eat really hot chilly or wasabi. Then at least the pressure would start to fade.

Good luck.

Thanks for the kind words, I’m feeling a bit better, and was able to do laundry and clean my bedroom today.