The only two singularities in our natural order are the big bang theory, which created our universe and the end point of a black hole.

I submit, they are related.

What if star systems like our own are just atoms?

Did you know that in the center of an atom are quarks, they call them up, down, strange, charm and upon them are binary code. Neil De Grass Tyson was aghast by the physicist who told him. The same code used for our internet.

So, if we live in a quantum simulation; is space the out of bounds? Are we the experiment?


I hear you… I like the juxtaposition with English and Math… A friend once told me I’d love the book “Einstein’s Dreams” although I actually didn’t take to it.

But the other morning I was thinking about Limits in math. And I guess conundrums. I thought it was something else : ), but was probably just an internal monologue of jibberish.

Are you in school? I got a hard earned A- in Astronomy. My school graded hard.


I’m just a madman getting lost in thought…trying to ask questions. Provoke an intellectual conversation.

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