Single dose of cbd reset schizophrenics brains to normal. Patients had never used antipsychotics before cbd

Cbd reset schizophrenics brains to normal in cbd/schizophrenia trial. The patients had never used any antipsychotics before the cbd.

Hmm, quite interesting and hopeful.


It’s promising, but the study doesn’t say it reset brains to normal - a measurement on a scan was midway between the healthy control and the high risk who received placebo.

They didn’t measure any real world outcomes.

But it shows the need for more research.



True. I never tried cbd without antipsychotics.

I tried CBD without APs and it did exactly nothing,

Maybe helped with some back pain.

I don’t have a lot of faith that a CBD medication is going to work over regular APs.


I take two drops every morning of Hemp CBD oil under the tounge every morning - and i find it helps with my negative symptoms - im more relaxed on it i found. But i still take my Aps as well. I thought it was snake oil at first but it worked for me. Dunno about it “resetting my brain tho” ,


Maybe your immune system is a little weak?

Maybe the quality varies out there.

I think the published paper in JAMA said it had an effect in CHR / Clinically High Risk rather than diagnosed schizophrenia patients. CHR could be early onset or prodromal patients. I hope more studies of these cannibinoids take place.
I plan to take some isolate some day. Currently, it is technically illegal to possess in my state Ohio.

I heard about Ohio banning cbd oils. That’s terrible.

It is true. Theyve found the cure. I take level 1 lotus gold. I’m on Abilify and Lithium too but then, I have Bipolar. Lithium reduces suicidal urges!

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