Single and ready to mingle

Just kidding I just thought that would be a funny title for a post. But yeah. :pleading_face::disappointed_relieved:me and my girlfriend broke up. It was weird she was having a bad day and I was comforting her. But then we talked about her coming to visit and I told her I could spend days with her but just that nights were gonna be tricky since I have to use my moms car in the morning.
I guess I should start with what made us get together this round in the first place. She has always been really into me or at least the idea of me, but when we try to date she always gets mad because I don’t do what she wants. But we talked about being mature adults and how we both wanted children. We were gonna try to be separated parents but it slowly evolved into basically forgetting all that and just a normal relationship. She said she loved me and I said it back even though I was like, I love you but I’m not IN love with you, but what do you say in that situation without a fight? She always wanted to fight. She wanted some fairytale but it wasn’t realistic. I told her to try to include me in her expectations. But anyway, it came out that I was disappointed with the lack of what I perceive as maturity in the relationship and she got mad. It was an argument, which I knew I told myself I wasn’t doing that. She said I just wanted a baby from her, I told her no I didn’t. I mean I cared about her and it’s not that I wanted more it’s just that I’ve been having second thoughts about trying to have a kid, I think I need to get a little more stable and honestly I think she has too much of a love for drama and we together have too much baggage to make it work. She said she was done (which she’s done before but it’s always just a power move, she comes ‘crawling’ back eventually, usually drunk and wanting sex like that offspring song, she obsessed over the idea of me but doesn’t really gel with my personality I think it’s a sexual thing that she can’t get over not to toot my own horn but ya know). I blocked her on phone and all social media, I’m done too. But I obviously feel bad about the whole thing. But I’m single now. Again.


Im keen to start dating soonish.

Just need to get some shiit in order and then im ready to fall in love !!!

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Better to be single than to have a kid you’re not ready for.


I think I’m in the same place I just gotta get on an antidepressant I think. I’m kinda sad today but honestly this has been a long time coming. I like being in relationships just gotta find healthy ones!

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Yeah. I guess I agree. I think it just wasn’t right with her. I still wanna be a Dad someday and maybe I was just being rash but idk. I think I’m close to being ready. It’s just when I see all my friends starting families and knowing how messed up they are it makes me feel ready. Is it just me or does it seem like people with MORE issues tend to have kids? Idk. I end up being the voice of reason for most of my friends but it weighs on me. I feel like nobody is there when I need someone. But my family would have been happy and we could have raised the kid, my Mom is great.

Same but I’m staying put. I’m gonna start putting myself out there again though.

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It’s not just you, I feel that way too and feel like that’s why the world is so screwed up ha

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When you are, know that you don’t need a partner to be a father. Plenty of foster kids need good homes, and the state doesn’t discriminate against single people. Just make sure you have a good support system in place, because it is HARD.


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