Singing problem on antipsychotics

Hi everyone, I cant sing because of my meds (Depixol) does anyone know of any drugs I could try that are made differently than the usual ones?

Were you the one that sent the email to SzAdmin?

I play the guitar and sing, I am on a lower dose of Risperdal.

I think that it would be more difficult to sing and express yourself creatively on higher doses of an antipsychotic.

If singing is that important to you, I would discuss it with your psychiatrist and see what can be done.

Holding on to our creative side is important too.

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I sing all the time on Geodon, but I’m on a relatively low dose. I think it’s like @wave said, the dosage is probably your problem. What is your dose?

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Thank you wave. I am on a low dose already but no joy. May have to get on with my life!

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50mg every month

@thornsandanimals - Depixol is a typical antipsychotic, I dont know, you may want to ask your pdoc about taking an atypical antipsychotic - it might be less harsh for you

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