Sincerely to all of you

honestly, am i a junkie to take all this meds? a friend of mine was thinking it. i cant think,i am lost,i dont understand what makes the others move and live their lifes… can a trt help me? i dont understand anymore whats my problem in fact…

A friend of mine told me to quit the meds, to stop paying the big pharma… They just don’t understand the processes we go through. Relax, you’ll be fine. People are driven by a multiplicity of things and desires, sometimes none. But what gets you up in the morning?

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thanks for the answer minnie… maybe i am stoned right now,i am not sure,i dont know what to feel anymore… yes, a lot of friends told me that i am abusing the meds. but the docs insist for them :slight_smile: i am waking up only to see my internet and because i cant sleep more than 12 hours…i became stupid because of the illness for my ex doc… dont know what to say anymore. kisses :slight_smile:

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I don’t think you’re stupid for following your doctor’s advice, when I started the meds I was also over medicated, or at least I felt that way, but now I’m on a lower dose. It takes time, we just have to be patient.
Wish you the best.

maybe its my negative symptoms of the illness. the lack of love for the life…i am quite strict in my treatment,i take this pills…for my doc i am paranoid and i hope that haldol wont make worse my desire to live and feel pleasure :slight_smile:

Well, here we all go or went through some sort of depressive state, like they all told me and I tell you, it passes. If it persists for more than two weeks talk to your doctor about it.

ok,thanks minnie

Listen to the doctors and make sure they help you get better.

I use to be very against that stuff but you do what you gotta do.