Since the lotto


how many people won? I might google it


Your not a bad guy @pedro27. I feel bad for you when you make topics like this. You should probably move on from this idea.


ok thanks for being honest @TheBest but there is a true answer to my question,


I’m sure you have something great coming your way. It may not be the lotto.


I play in the bookies sometimes just enough might do


I never won the lotto. Won $1800.00 at a casino once. U had only bet a few quarters on a slot machine when I won.


The probability of winning the lotto are a few millions to one. I just play one same set of numbers for every draw which means I have a slim chance while spending the fewest amount of dollars.

1:25,000,000 = killed in a terrorist attack on an airline
1:12,000,000 = chance you’ll be an astronaut
1:10,000,000 = struck by lightning/becoming President
1:6,100,000 = die from a bee, hornet, or wasp sting
1:3,000,000 = spotting a UFO
1:1,500,000 = chance at becoming a movie star
1:1,000,000 = die in a plane crash
1:1,000,000 = Dying from flesh-eating bacteria
1:880,000 = odds of dating a super model
1:662,000 = chance to win a gold medal
1:240,000 = being struck by lightning
1:160,000 = being killed by a venomous bite or sting
1:22,000 = becoming a pro athlete
1:11,500 = chance of winning an Oscar
1:6,700 = die in a car crash
1:6,585 = injury from shaving
1:6,330 = dying from falling down stairs
1:5,000 = hole in one
1:563 = catching a ball in an MLB game
1:90 = being born a twin in North America
1:50 = celebrating 100th birthday
1:25 = chance of getting colon/rectal cancer
1:9 = chance of beating pancreatic or liver cancer
1:6 = getting prostate cancer
1:3 = living to 100


I thought one of those said chance of being a porn star. I’m sorry. I’m silly today.


I did not want to know the odds of dying in a car crash. I’m already terrified of driving and now I’m even more scared.


I posted the probability of these odds to inform what chances a person has to win the lottery. Dying due to a car crash is still way off so it wouldn’t be something you should be terrified of.


After my accident on the highway the odds dont seem so big.


There are so many factors when a certain event such as a car accident occurs. Factors such as weather, time of day or night, intersection, speed, intoxication of the driver, distractions etc… all come into play. Randomness just played a part of your highway accident that’s all.


Something doesn’t add up.


I cut & pasted those odds from random websites.


I’m a liking those odds! :slight_smile:


My mom and me won $1,500 at bingo once. Other than that we play the 2 main lottos in our country every week, we haven’t won yet


Chances of getting something accurate off the internet 1:43. Or maybe you have to carry the 1? Or, statistics are right 50% of the time, everytime. Also if probability theory were true every time you flipped a coin it would land upright on the edge.