Since quitting coffee β˜•

Celebrating a week without coffee, I already feel a lot better

I notice

I have no palpitations
My racing thoughts have decreased. I still have them but they are not too intense. It seems I am a lot calmer and focused.

I am drinking a few glasses of tea instead and I am loving drinking tea so much. :tea:


It’s good that you’re able to stay so healthy. I wish I had your willpower.
I’m happy for you :smiley:


Good for you @mermaid1 hope you stick to it. Waking up needing coffee is an unhealthy crutch.


When I do things I like, I feel great. It is very rewarding for me!

I quit smoking since August
I drink occasionally since November
I started yoga class in November
I became a vegan in February
I quit coffee in February

I have still 12 kg to lose to reach my goal. Around 22 pounds. Now that the weather is changing, I will start going for daily walks or at least three times a week.


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