Since I already pressed "cancel" five times


Hello. Hope everyone having a good holiday season. I am excited that for the first time ever i have several interviews in the same week next week, hope to make it too all of them in the hopes at least one will pan out. My youngest son will be 10 in a few weeks, my oldest son just turned 18 I took him to open his first bank account today. My daughter doing well, I still miss her but we visit sometimes and she is much better in her program and busy than being a couch potato for life here. So anyhow, I wrote several posts and pressed cancel each time but this time I will post I think. In looking back 2014 had it’s ups and downs but was not a great year all in all. Hoping 2015 will be better my two goals are lose weight and find a good paying job and actually be able to work it long term. I know it’s early for new years resolution, but next Sunday will be 6 years since I quit smoking, I need to lose the pounds now. Well happy holiday season once again…


Merry Christmas Desimb @desimb


It is five months since I stopped smoking. I’m gaining weight!



Congrats on having quit smoking for 5 months, jayster. You DID it!


Thanks for sharing with us your new years resolution , desimb. I wish you a better year year 2015 and find a good paying job.


Good luck to you Desimb!
2014 is not ending badly. Your kids are doing well.
You are still hanging in for a job.**


Hey, Why don’t you join The 30 Days 30 Minutes To Success Global Challenge for 2015. It’s sure to get you started the best possible way. Join 100’s from around the world and let’s make 2015 the best year yet. Nothing beats accountability, encouragement and support. Find out more and just Google it. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to put a link in the post here.
Nothing to buy. Just paying it forward…here is why and how I described it on Fb and LinkedIn. Hope it adds value to you all and keep you excited about embracing 2015.