Since getting diagnosed, my depression has faded

I don’t know why, but my whole life before I came down with sz symptoms, I was depressed. Always in a dark hole feeling sorry for myself. Then I got sick, spent some time in solitary confinement at the jail, and decided I would appreciate every little awesome thing in my life no matter how small. Being in a home that isn’t the size of a walk in closet, having hot food that doesn’t suck, being able to wear underwear (I had no underwear all 5 months of my incarceration) and other stuff.

I know there’s really no silver lining to sz/sza, but even though I damaged my life and lost a lot, and might never achieve the career success I dreamt of as a boy, I’m happy with my day to day life. A lot of that is thanks to my support network which is mostly family. Also helps that the voices are not mean to me anymore.

I think my biggest problem these days presents itself in the form of hypomania if anything.

Am I the only one who feels this way?


I am the opposite. However, the doctor explained to me that the psychosis was hiding everything else that was wrong with me

Not currently on an AD, as I manage without, but I think I need some psychology to learn to be appreciative and happy with things like you are


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