Since everyone is marching and protesting about something should we get in on it?

I mean this would be a perfect time to cash in on equal rights since its the hip thing today. And we’re one of the few hated on communities that isn’t bound by race, religion, gender or sexual orientation so we would definitely get browny points. Just saying


Would I have to leave the house to go on a march ? :thinking:




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Did you know I actually read this giant book on disability in general a while back and there was a whole point in there about people w mental disabilities who protest and the controversy of it. The main controversy is that the people who are capable of truly advocating for themselves in this group are those who would be considered high functioning such as people with aspergers for one example rather than the other side of the autism spectrum. Thus it’s unknown whether what this select high functioning group says is also what the other side of the spectrum would want. Furthermore when those on the higher side of the spectrum of mental disabilities try to explain their experience it’s also debated whether it is similar to what those at the other side do.

I didn’t even think about any of that until reading it. Honestly though I don’t think anyone can speak for everyone regardless. Not even a group of high functioning people can speak for all high functioning people. That’s how varied mental experiences are.


I would only protest from the comfort of my own home, never in a large, unpredictable crowd.

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let’s do it!


#ProudToBeCursed? :smile:

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