Simulation delusion

Sometimes Colorful clouds look like a simulation and I question if there real or not

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I have this obsession about matrix
and about Truman show.

Never really leaves me alone.
More or less it’s here

this sounds like the beginnings of delusion…are you on meds and seeing a psychiatrist?

Ever since the movie matrix this seems to be a popular belief amongst schizophrenics.

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If you found out for certain this is a computer simulation would life seem meaningless? What if it was another kind of simulation? Like nobody ever knows where it all comes from? A mystery.

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I’m on 7.5 of Abilify

It’s an interesting delusion to have, cause it does make you ponder the philosophical consequences of it this reality was a simulation. Not to egg on your delusion if it’s causing you distress.

You can always ask for more

For me it doesn’t matter if this is a simulation or not, cause no matter what, this reality is as real as it gets for at least us.

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