Simple things in this world

This world sometimes just has to make you chuckle…

What made my morning today was seeing that a dragonfly had landed on the dogs head and was just resting there. The dog was totally unaware of the creature sitting on her head and was walking around going about her business with this dragonfly on her head.

Made me chuckle.

Ever find simple things in this world making you have a laugh?


My dog’s playful puppy like nature makes me laugh - I do take notice and appreciate the simple things in my life.
I try to simplify my life - it doesn’t take materialistic things to make me truly happy.
I think this has to do with me having a severe mental illness - I am learning how not to complicate my life, I break things down - simplifying things. I mean life is complicated enough.
A lot of busy goal driven people do not appreciate the simple things in life. My brother for example needs a lot of expensive materialistic distractions in his life to feel somewhat satisfied. A cup of coffee makes me happy or watching the birds congregating by the feeder makes me smile


Once I heard an amusing conversation on a bus I think I would call it simple mind. The conversation was between a little boy and a girl similar age. They were standing by the poles because all the seats were taken. The boy said to the girl, “I wish there were only you and me on this bus.” I was interested and expected something funny. After a pause, the boy continued, “in that case, we could sit on every single seat one by one.”


I love the simple things in this life, too, like looking at the sea or birdwatching, or, as Wave put it, having a cup of coffee. I talk to my houseplants. Enjoy a back tickle, or the soothing water of a hot shower warming me up on a cold winter’s day. Even blow drying my hair makes me happy - I love the sensation of the hot air blowing on my face. Happiness in simple things :smile:


I also like birdwatching and coffee, especially when i have the money, life is so wonderful in the moments sometimes. thanks.


I just talked to my brother on the phone. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The support of my family is something that gratifies me. Simple things like going to town, going on a shopping trip, eating out occasionally, my old pet dog, a good documentary - all these things make my life contented.


I get a chuckle out of how kids think. My niece and nephew have some great kid logic.

I also like watching how good animals are at out smarting us.


Me too. I think happiness is not that complicated that we have made nowadays.

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very innocent and sweet.

Recently I find the opposite. Funeral that made me think about life.

The different weird positions my cat sleeps in I guess. Or when he poses in his Sphinx position.

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Sleeping between two sheets in a bed that’s been made up. Luxury.

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human interaction is what I like. Like last night a friend was sort of messed up. He had an argument with his parents and was crying when we were on our way to the pub we frequent. I did my best and bought him a bottle of his favorite drink and told him not to worry about it. His girlfriend and a guy I met spent like two hours there then my buddy drank some of that bottle and we chilled out and went to sleep. I like being a good friend.

I talk with my friends a lot. At least the more mature ones. Im talking to one right now. I have started dating a new guy.

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Exactly. Every time I thought of this dialogue, I smiled. What lovely kids they are!


Kid time - spoil them and send them back nieces.

Teddy bear friendlies…Man selection here is bad at this age.

Paycheck twice a month that cover it all plus a little more.

Afford a vacation with cash…

Cash money for emergencies…

Sitting still long enough to listen to the birds for a while…

Pet the cat or dog…

Home grown flowers…

Restaurant quality stuff I cooked…

My sense of humour is poorly calibrated compared to what most are used to, so I won’t share what amuses me. I do take comfort in simple things, from a hot cuppa to a nap in the recliner with the cat sleeping on top of me.


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