Simple joke

Do you know that what the psychiatrist doctor fear the most.
When you look at his left eye and than move to look for right eye instantly.
Its not a joke, try and enjoy it.

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Do you feel your head getting slapped?

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I dont understand at all.


I think you should behave, especially when having a psychiatrist appointment.


More than this.
Now in a simple way you can do it yourself in mirror.
I don’t tell you that reaction. But you can enjoy.
Its hard psychiatry secret.
For mirror, it is image of left eye to image of right eye. Little different.

Yes you are right. But what on exploring.

I remember that a guy do that to me, i was a little bit irritated.

I dislike long eye contact, but i look at the whole body, the hands

I get really angry when somebody move the head, the body to that point where i’m looking to.

It’s not really normal to have no eye contact when speaking in the western hemisphere ?

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You don’t sound well.

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I think you are right. But you know i got this today on this forum.

That is just an automatic badge. It doesn’t mean that delusional content is respected.

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Congratulations on your participation trophy - I bet your parents are proud.

Obviously, i forgot to enter a word that " i don’t know how i can got" you know my English is not good.

I don’t want any respect. But this badge came and i thought necessary to explain it here.

I think if in 200 years of medical research history, if the causes and cures of schizophrenia didn’t found by the human sciences. Even after that somebody wants to eat tablets as a fate of him. Then nobody can do anything.
Thanks for reading.

@anon4362788 , i know that it is a overall badge and computer generated. The posts which looks delusional to you are simple for me. If you remember i convinced you and a few forum members in the posts about SAMURAI a few days ago, after some effort.
I am writing here with an experience of 30 years, weather i was not studied medical sciences or psychiatry.

Convinced me of what? I have no idea what you are referring to.

I am posting a screenshot, if you do remember.

Another include you.

I see questions, no convincing. I think you are seeing connections where there are none.

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Anyway, I have no idea what any of this means, so I’m bowing out. Enjoy your day.

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Yeah, slowly i check it, lol