Simple Delusions of Grandeur

Has me thinking I’m not doing my “bonus” assignments cause i think I will ace the exams and now I have a B going not an A. I better start doing them, huh?

Have you ever met critics? The ones in my class (who were supposed to be giving CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and that was monitored by a teacher so they had to be polite) told one girl to check her French. About three of them said this. I only had about 1/2 a semester of French and it looked ok to me. I had no real knowledge though, so I didn’t say anything. Turns out she has had three years of French and had her French (actual French, not just French ancestry) boyfriend look it over for her. These are they kind of people you deal with for the most part. No talent butt clowns who just want to make a reputation for themselves by tearing others down for no reason.
I agree. A good critic is helpful and can help you move forward, but most of them aren’t like that.
Also, the book reviews in most newspapers aren’t even half a page long. Just enough for a thumbs down or thumbs up and a brief overview of the plot.

I like to think of Andy Warhol. Back in the early 70’s, he couldn’t give his work away. Critics hated him, the public refused to think he was anything but a joke.
Now if you own an original painting signed by him, it’s worth a fortune.
Many people knew he was special, it’s just to bad they couldn’t think so while he was alive.

It’s called Art because you call it Art. Believe in yourself, not in those that don’t share your vision. Everyone can be a critic, not everyone an artist.
Theory makes a great critic, but practice makes a master.