Simple Delusions of Grandeur

I’ve been sitting in my head a few morning’s reading the forum and thinking about the delusions of grandeur that I’ve heard of and encountered and I was sort of saying to myself… I’m glad that bad wolf passed me by.

But I find I do have a delusion of grandeur in a way, even though it’s simple. (oxymorons all the way)
My delusion of grandeur is… “I can take it. I am the master of my head circus and I can take it.”

I was thinking about letting my little brother… fresh out of rehab move in with us because I’ve been almost 6 years sober… so I can take it. I can stay sober and stare that genie in that bottle down. I can be impervious to temptation.

But if I’m honest with myself… Guess it’s all a delusion. I don’t think I’m being defeatist when I say I’m not stronger then that Genie. (not all the way yet)

Just with all the other changes, stresses, surprises, I guess I just have to be careful about how much of the act the head circus wants in on. If I don’t keep control of the circus it will run amok…

Then I’ll have to scare off an elephant in my pajamas. (how he got in my pajamas I’ll never know) You had to see that one coming right?


I have been clean from crack and speed for 11 years. I think that I could refrain from it if it was point in front me… maybe that’s my addiction talking. I won’t take that chance. They call it temptation for a reason :smile:


Very true. There are some weeks were I don’t think about alcohol at all. No matter what, it doesn’t reach me. But I do dream about XTC almost every day.

I had to look up XTC. Yah I had my run in with that one too. I had to take a hard look at what it was doing to me and my husband. We got rid of it about 1.5 years ago. Marijuana a year ago and alcohol in August. We are so much happier without the fake happiness and following lows.


as far as delusions go- i thing grandeur is one of the least dangerous of the positive symptoms.

i have suffered from this a lot, thinking i am in control of the weather and thinking i am going to be ‘larger than life’ when in reality i have no more power that anybody else.

when you say you are grandiose because you think you can take it i think that is healthy,
whats wrong with telling ourselves that we can do it? we will survive? we are in control?
these are the things we should be telling each other everyday. :smiley:

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wasn’t that the brother who beat up your sister ?, i wouldn’t let him in the front door personally , but hey that is up to you.
sometimes we think ( as sz ) that we can run and jump thirty feet over a brick wall, in reality we run and hit the brick wall very, very hard .
if after a minimum of six months your little brother can keep his act together , then i would invite him round !
i have a one strike policy with people, that is just me !
take care

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I don’t have a problem with my Grandeur Delusion, I think it’s there for a reason, it keeps me moving forward, it’s what most of the genius people have, most of the successful people had it before they have gotten famous or successful, it’s not a problem, the problem is the stuff that keeps you from moving on.

Despite the humility, a delusion is nothing to be proud of. If a slaughter house fools a cow that hay is passed the gate, thats not something to be proud of. If my capacity to take my fear has become this complex mapping of rationality and my fear goes away, then what about the things I should be afraid of? The real things…

In a sense living with this disease is its own proof. Its own substantiation… “Be afraid of everything.” And fear knows nothing but to be grand…

Yep… John is the one who beat up Riley. But she is DEVOTED to him. She is sure once he beats this addiction, he will be back to the partner in caper he once was. I can see that.

I think I want it to be true, because she wants it to be true… if that makes any sense.

She wants to believe he can still be a good person. She takes my hand and puts her head on my arm and says… “You know J… I knew you were amazing beneath all that wax. I never gave up on you… I bet when he overcomes this, he can be amazing too.” (If your picturing big green eyes and hopeful new puppy expression, you’re picturing it right and how can I kick a puppy?)

I want him to also go to some anger management. He has a long way to go before he gains my trust. But he is the batman to her robin. Those two chipmunks used to be joined at the hip. I can’t kick his butt with out hurting her.

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Can be dangerous if they offer incentives of wealth, fame, or respect for doin unlawful things they want you to do or for an example, people steal your ideas or inventions in your head and you want to get even.

In CA, they say don’t test your sobriety on purpose. They mean don’t deliberately place yourself in positions where you are tempted to use just to prove how strong you are. Don’t put yourself in too many situations involving alcohol or drugs. Too much regular temptation just chips away at your sobriety a little at a time and lowers your resistance.

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I agree with you Alex. If it weren’t for my delusions I probably wouldn’t share my writing with anyone at all. I think that that type of delusion is necessary for people in some jobs. Writer, actor, fashion designer, ect. You have to believe that what you have done sparkles no matter how bad it really stinks. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t be able to coax yourself into moving forward. The public is vicious. I’m not a writer yet, and I already know it.

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That’s true delusions of grandeur are usually harmless. When I get them its a non threatening, non violent event for me. I feel invincible and all knowing - full of the power of one and feeling very spiritual with powers - Im also in love with the universe


If you’re writing for yourself only, then you can convince yourself you sparkle all you want, but if you’re trying to convince the public you sparkle when you don’t, they will give you the ugly truth real fast.
Nothing like a critic to move you forward towards improvement, that is if you really care to.

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I don’t mean that you should go all Robert Downy Jr., I’m just saying you need much more than confidence in yourself and your work. Otherwise when you put out your first novel, and it gets attacked like that, you don’t shut down and never write again.

Care to explain? I have no idea what this means.

I don’t usually write about a lot of my symptoms here, these days I find it hard to be anything but embarrassed by them, but I have had serious delusions of grandeur in the past. They are seductive, when you’re down and out the feeling that you’re special, chosen for great things, anointed by mysterious powers, it can be very hard to fight against, even when medicine is working well.


He is the actor who played iron man. He says and does things that sound really self absorbed. He is pretty fabulous though.
I mean celebrate your ego full on. Robert Downy is at the top of his career, so he can fully embrace his ego. Those of us who haven’t made it just have to keep our mouths shut, but our sights high.

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If you believe in what you write, a critic shouldn’t matter, because they are after all just one person’s opinion, and not always right.
If you allow people to stop you from doing what you love, it’s a safe bet that you probably didn’t love it as much as you thought you did.

Ya, I feel that too, I just keep my mouth shut, but inside I know that I’m so good in something that I would do wonders…For example; Will Smith and Jim Carry had the same delusion or believe that they would be very famous and good actors, they knew it before they became stars on Hollywood, if they didn’t had that belief they might not pursued their career in acting…I know that.

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