Simon and garfunkel in concert?

They were my heroes
Music heroes
Simon and Garfunkel
Weeping over Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Dancing along to Cecilia
Understanding I am a Rock
And I scored tickets
Tickets to see the legends
The icons of the 70s
Then the call
I almost wished I hadn’t answered the phone
I wish I could’ve driven the hour
To find out myself.
The concert was cancelled
Garfunkel is sick they said.
But…theres always a but
The show is being rescheduled
Just a month from now
Hold onto your tickets!
I don’t think a day went by
When I didn’t pull those tickets out
Just to make sure they were there
And to look at the names in bold
Simon and Garfunkel.
The last tour.
The month dragged on
When would the day arrive???
A week more to go
And the phone rang
And the voice came on the line
Garfunkel could no longer perform
There would be no concert.
Then came the jokes about my aging heroes
About oxygen tanks and hunched backs and wrinkles.
My ears felt like they were bleeding
How could they? How could they joke about my heroes?
Didnt they understand?
I’d never see them live and in concert
I’d never feel my heart beat to the rhythm of sound of silence
Years have passed. I’m still a little sad I didn’t get to see them play.
But…theres the but again
Now I’m almost as old as they were then.
I have my cd I am told that alone makes me old.
And I have my stereo.
And I crank that volume as high as it goes.
Its almost…almost as good as being there.


I love your poem.

I just started studying poetry. Is your poem free verse? Did you intentionally avoid stanzas? If so, was that to enable the reader to feel your anxiety?

Please keep writing poems.


This one is a bit different from what I usually write. But my writing as a general rule has no stanzas. I am working on my blog so hopefully i can get on that. Thank you for your kind words :blush:

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This reminds me of that short song ’ Book Ends’

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