Similarities & Differences between psychosis/schizophrenia, Shamanism & Mysticism?

No. My primary focus is on healing/transformation.

[quote]Where I live, and that is pretty much area stuck in past where your ideas came from, you know what they do to people, those who share your beliefs?

They beat people to make jinns go away.[/quote]

Highly stereotyped.

And this overlooks all the negative presentations of sz as well - the avolition, the poverty of ideas. And also a good portion of the positive ones - the paranoia, for example. Sz is not all conversations with aliens and angels.


Who has overlooked all that?

Who has said it is?

The mystics I’ve met don’t seem to have the range of experiences that I have as a sz.

Good for you.
I wish you could use that knowledge here for some far more useful purposes.

You and me, and other folks who are relatively functional, can discuss ancient Greeks, philosophy, theories and Sufism endlessly… But for people who struggle to make it through a day, who just want to finally have a clear head and normal feelings …that is all ■■■■■■■■ you know.


[quote=“Sarad, post:25, topic:35941, full:true”]
Good for you.I wish you could use that knowledge here for some far more useful purposes.[/quote]

Projection - You don’t know me or how i live my life.

Maybe it all is for some people, i don’t doubt it.

Where are you remotely addressing those things? What link does an inability to bathe, brush your teeth and answer your phone have to shamanism? How is suspecting your wife of poisoning your food mystical?

You say you have been diagnosed with severe sz in the past, and I don’t doubt you. But you seem to have only a very rudimentary understanding of the scope of it, not to mention the scope and meaning of mysticism.

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Not at all. Living practices, or your ideas applied to broader community of such believers.

i think it’s assured that we all know the horrors of severe psychosis/schizophrenia on a forum where nearly all of us have/do suffer with it.

None that i can see?

No idea?

I believe in healing and transformation to the extreme and I think if there’s a particular avenue that works for you then you should pursue it endlessly.

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On forums such as this there does seem to be a tendency to forget that there are some who can’t even function to cope well with the basic tasks of life let alone use the computer to discuss philosophical and other matters re mental health/illness.


It’s Highly stereotyped & you know it is. Why haven’t the spiritual healers that i’ve worked with chained me up & beaten me with sticks?

Then we can also agree that our experiences have little relation to those of shamans and mystics. It’s an insult to szs and an insult to shamans and mystics to pretend that they do.

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I think that similiarities between sz or psychosis and shamanism are highly over characterized. A shaman is a healer, knows about plants and their healing properties, a psychotic person can have that knowledge but that alone doesn’t make one a shaman.

About mysticism, is trully a matter of perspective. Some szs believe in their delusions, others eventually don’t. While psychotic most of us believe in our delusions, hence the need for medication, and they’re often of a spiritual nature and/or paranormal. The deep end of the current belief systems that our era provides is, at best, an attempt to make sense out of the world that provides some kind of confort to our need to catalog and name everything.

I also think that a person who believes in a single truth about what life is is thinking in a delusional way because there actually is no answer. The ones humans can make up will always be human answers but there are more consciousnesses more out there than our own.

That is why philosophy is so important, and that is why science is so important, and that is also why some people find the spiritual path of life so important to them.

From my perspective, I don’t think its spiritual when I contemplate the nature of reality and it gives me tranquility like a divine touch. I think that is fairly normal, or should be, that one contemplates the nature of reality.

I don’t remember who said it but “To entertain a thought without accepting it is a sign of an educated mind” or something like that

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Personally broader picture i disagree. Case of agreeing to disagree. The links between these areas i feel are established.

I don’t know. Perhaps you were privileged to know some good ones.
People that I heard of, they’ve been told to take their underwear to certain ‘mystics’ or to sacrifice animals and such stuff. For real.

i do know some good ones yes, & there is good & bad with everything - look at the general/current history of psychiatry & treatment of the mad for Gods sake.

You can learn a lot about yourself through after coming through psychosis. You’re forced to when you have to reassemble your reality from scratch. If that’s all you’re saying, then I agree with you. I just think that trying to tie it to the mystic tradition is muddying the waters rather than clearing them.

If it’s helpful to you to visualize it in such a way, then I’m glad. But I would suggest that, if you want to discuss it, discuss how it applied to your life using specific examples of your experiences and the work you did to reach these conclusions. Suggesting that maybe we’re all like shamans, without grounding the statement, isn’t productive.


For me, your beliefs are in the same line to those tribes in which, in our era, albino kids are tortured and sacrificed because they believe there is ‘something’ within them.

One thing is to understand one’s issues from many perspectives that could contribute to problem… Whole other thing is entertaining an idea about essentially ‘divine’ force behind it.

Very hard to place a lot of things into words - i have done what you have suggested over the past 10 years, & it’s fraught with difficulties & often opens me up to more personal attack.

i didn’t directly suggest that we’re all like Shamans. Other way around then tell me what all the categorical differences are? To my understanding there are correlations. i’m Not forcing that view on anyone, just thought it was an interesting area for discussion.