Silver lining

I enjoyed a happy afternoon with my girlfriend yesterday. One conversation we had was about a stand up comedian we had just watched. He was funny. A little out there, also a little to much sometimes.

She told me she liked him and knew I would because we thought alike.

She said : " He starts out telling one story and ends up somewhere completely different. That is so you. Sometimes I look at you and think, how the H… did you get from point A to point X? It’s bizarre, but I can see what your saying. As mixed up as it may be.
I love it. It keeps me sharp and makes me laugh. "

I can’t ask for more than that.


Homour is good for taking yur mind off prooblems…I find good joke books are invaluable and help you see how to change your pattern of thinking in your mind…so instead of getting wounde up by something you learn to apply humor.

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i love comedy like that and so does my boyfriend also some of the happiest memories of my childhood were listening to mum and dead laughing theyre heads off at billy conolly. there you go folks dont neglect the happy childhood memories youve just got to look harder.

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If you’re not laughing, you’re not living, you’re just existing.

Who was it that said “Laughter is the best medicine”

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I know it was a funny section in the magazine from “Readers Digest”, but I couldn’t find who actually said it.

i think it was either a doctor or a comedian lol

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The real positive thing in my thread. In addition to having a good day. Was that my girlfriend actually appreciates a part of me that gives me challenges with a lot of people. That being my difficulties in staying on topic at times or getting a point across without confusing someone (or myself. Ha).

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