Sillines a part of the illness?

I have been having lately these bouts of feeling silly. When I get them I hide from my husband because I don’t want him to see me pacing the floor and saying something over and over again. Last night I was shuffling across the floor and after seeing the half-moon, I said over and over again “half moon, half moon, half mooooon, half-mewn…” When I went downstairs after my husband called me I was fine, but was very restless. Today whilst cooking I felt silly and talked to myself and said the word “meat” over and over again “meeeeeat” Blah blah blah. Why so silly? I don’t know. Is it part of the illness?

sounds like you could do with a higher dose of that medication

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There have been times when I’ve repeated phrases over and over, like my mind was a stuck record player. I think it was stress and maybe a little OCD. The repeating of the words seemed to calm me and comfort me.

As for being silly, I was born silly, as were my brother and sister. We were also groomed from an early age by my mother to maintain that silliness throughout our lives. :smile:


I act silly too. I wonder if I have some form of austism or aspergers. Seriously. My sense of humor ranges from mature to mentally challenged. I remember the morning after I smoked pot like over a year ago (which was hell) I hadnt slept and was watching looney tunes on my laptop and laughing way too hard at it for a 20 year old.

I have a friend who has aspergers and he makes sex jokes constantly. He just doesnt have a filter. He’s quite bright.

It may be part of the illness, I enjoy things like rap battles and watch them repeatedly. I also enjoy anime, but not the funny kind, the serious and often violent kind. There are different genres of anime, shonen is what teenagers watch, like mainstream anime, the ones you have heard of, then there is seinen which is basically rated R for violence and sometimes sex. Seinen is targeted at young men, the perfect example is Berserk, which is about a medieval mercenary who wields a huge sword, it is not kid friendly at all, it features graphic violence and a couple of sex scenes. In the first five minutes, the main character cuts a knight’s head open. Of course I loved that scene and that made me want to watch it.

But then again I also can be entertained by watching teletubbies.

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I have been having these short lived bouts of silliness - giggling feeling really good - doing impersonations of people I know from my past - I am pretty sure is triggered by the lamictal - hypomanic episodes

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One person’s silliness is another person’s “cool”. People can look pretty stupid when they think they’re being cool.

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girlfriends get silliness me and my sister and very silly when were together. i remeber being in fits of laughter over niiiiiight bus! half moon is just funny lol

Silliness is normal unless it’s 24/7 silly, then I’d say this might an indicator that something not normal is going on. But I mean, everyone’s got to be silly now and then…I know I’m capable of being silly and I’m actually a rather serious person, but I can certainly be silly and it wouldn’t be out of character for me.

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I don’t know. Were you ever silly before you got sick? I would say that human behaviour is so weird and varied sometimes even in “normal” people that maybe your “half-moon” episode was excusable. Then again it sounds like some kind of weird behaviour that is a little "out there. "Sorry about the paradox. Who really knows what goes on behind closed doors of anyone’s house; schizophrenic or not? I think it is OK to be silly sometimes at any age. As teenagers me and my friends thought we were very cool. But when me and a few friends were together in my other friends room before I got sick, smoking pot and drinking beer we acted like fools and giggled and said stupid, silly, childish things. Things we would NEVER say in front of the REALLY cool stoners down at the park who we wanted to impress. If your behaviour bothers you then change it. But silly in itself is not bad. In fact when I was in my thirties with my friend in the Board & Care we could be pretty immature and crack each other up. Maybe girls are different in that regard when they’re alone together. I read somewhere that not only is talking to yourself common in so-called “normal” people, but it is quite normal. An older guy at work in the office building I clean was talking to himself the other day. I just acted like it was nothing out of the ordinary, which it probably wasn’t. Your specific behavior sounds a little like a symptom but not quite. If you take it to the extreme I would worry about it.If it worries you enough to write about it here, maybe YOU know it is problem. It doesn’t sound super-serious, just a little quirk. Sorry for the paradox again.You decide. Silly is a release and not horrible. I guess you accept it but I was just offering my thoughts.

Silliness is cool and laughter is a good medicine…
I too call the white orb at night the Mewn or Mune, (mee-une)…it sounds better than the standard Moon which just sounds like cow talk (Moo-n)

I think as long as it’s in an appropriate situation it’s fine and even good for us. There’s a time and place for everything and all that. Being silly in an inappropriate situation for silliness can lead to trouble…um…yeah…just take my word for it.

I’ve also found myself pacing in circles repeating a word over and over. It’s usually then that my meds get adjusted. Words to get stuck like a loop. I once filled pages of a journal with the word Carrot. just over and over… Carrot. Different colors, different sizes, but the same word… why? I have no idea.

Other motions can move forward, but word wise… I’m frozen saying the word over and over. For me it’s part of the disorganized limb of this head circus. It’s the hardest thing people have to break me out of.

As far as getting silly with humor… I do that when ever I can. I’ve been so negative in many ways for so long. It’s nice to just let myself be silly. I’d rather be silly then angry.

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