Silicon Casper And The Golden Archies Win With Heavy Metal

Silicon Casper And The Golden Archies Win With Heavy Metal

Julian Assange was hustled out of solitary torment,
into the Court of the Crimson CEO and the Jester Magistrate,
Over Looked, By The Queen of Hearts,
And The Ace of $pades.

He had taken off part of his Correctional Uniform,
His Lawyer Informed Him,
“If you Shave That Muff Off Your Face …”
Flesh for Lulu and Romulus…

Going Grey Is Easy,
Try Being Tried for Journalism,
Then Get Back,
Jo Jo Get Back …

Freedom Vs. Liberty,
“You’ll Be Able To Ask and Get What We Want … Take a another Zip Line Baggy of Chemical Restraints”
“The Needs of the Many Exceed The Wants of …”
Corporate Defense Spock’s Beard?

Who are the goats?
What is the Enterprise?
What Are Widgets?
Shouldn’t The Adults In The Situation Fidget More Often?

Justice For Children,
not Just ICE.
So many cells to get lost in,
What if they gave everyone, a cell?

Would Assange have Liberty?
Or would we all be in,
on our own solitary confinement?
Wandering The Streets, Begging For Change, in a world of Silly Con and ECurrency?

Do you Even Remember who or what the Rhymes are about?
Love, Life, and Liberty?

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