Silence me for two weeks; and then anonymize me

It’s time. I’m not making friends that much or making a difference. (I think that was my high school, or college’s slogan, Haha. : ).

And I know I’m weird; and there was another…
named ‘Freedomofspeech’ who also was (imho), a little weird. I’d like go the way (I perceived), that she ‘went’. Not gonna pull a Daze though : ).

I shared vids/photos here; and scary in my eyes (now) is that facial recognition, is already here. It’s already a thing.

I leave thinking that: as a reject on a site chock full of them… that I wont inherit an argument brought to my doorstep. (Self Importance thinking I know; but that fits a lot of us.)

Moving along; I don’t take parting shots… or atleast don’t like them when they happen to me : ).

I’d like to pay compliment ( possibly) to the illustrious E.H. and hope I don’t ‘turn him into chocolate’, or have it be a ‘curse.‘

He ‘watered my farm’ even as I began to slip lo a lot and lose ‘popularity.’

Gumption is still my favorite word; And related too is that it showed leader qualities, at least that’s what I felt from it.

(Not that being a mod Is always sought; or even the only way for clout out there! )

Olive branches too- if that’s even asked of me here) in this ‘composing’, is that It seems like a huge donation of time; and effort!

Like I said though it’s time for me. I need this… and the ‘wordiness’ of this (I know) is self importance, but this site does hold/have meaning to me, and I wanted to leave well.


Hope I didn’t leave anyone out.

I like reading your posts. I really wish you wouldn’t leave

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Silencing in a second.

If you change your mind, send a mod a pm.

You’ll have to post a reminder to be anonymized when the 2 weeks silencing is up.

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Wish you all the best, @anon64158233

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I hope you change your mind @anon64158233 .

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