Signs of psychosis

Did you notice signs of the illness from early age
At 10 years old I used to get a magnifying glass and burn flies on the window

That doesn’t sound like a sign of psychosis.



I used to kill ants with a childhood friend. We were only kids and didn’t understand what we were doing.

From a adult perspective I can look back and find it repulsive, but doing it as a kid don’t mean I was crazy, it was just a lack of understanding life.

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I burnt flies, kleenexes etc with magnifying glasses. I also killed ants by putting liquid soad on them.

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Once I put gasoline on my grandmother’s plant and put fire to it lol I think its normal for children as they are curious, its not a sign of psychosis.

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Ya, early on I did, but nothing substantial. Probably more situational and a personality disorder and difficult, abnormal and unusual childhood. Dad was a paranoid, ocd recluse with narcissistic abusive tendencies. Glad I escaped and got out and moved in with my mom. Not sure why I try to hold on to that relationship. It seems like I’m childish now and looking for that money some day. I do love him, but I think he is incapable like a monkey of showing empathy.

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Yes I had quite a few episodes (what I now know as delusions) at parties and hearing voices in my early 20s. Everyone thought it was the weed making me paranoid. I didn’t get a diagnosed for a decade.

@anon28145038 that’s a tough go. Makes me think of quite a few of my friends, they had it a lot worse than me

It’s good that you can see your dad in a detached way. It’s him, it’s not you. That’s good

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At young age i was thinking that people were fake beings made my god to test me.
It was early solipsism.

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I started getting delusions as a kid.

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