Signs of Life

The man was dead
That was the truth
His brothers and a niece or two
Were the only ones at his funeral
They lurched into his apartment
Past spider webs
Cleaning up popcorn kernals
Dumping a dirty microwave away
Trash filled the premises
That he could no longer throw away
What a dirty filthy mess it was
But then they ran across a cabinet
There were pictures of the man and his family in their youth
Letters from relatives
Then they hit the treasure trove
Poems and stories were shown to the light
Of strong storms that were survived
Sunrises and sunsets that kept the man alive
When the World walked out
Of youthful desires that were imagined
Of long walks through woods
And bike rides down roads little traveled
And swimming and tennis with his brothers
And love and jokes shared with family
Schizophrenia took away his ability
To be much of a member of society
But it didn’t steal his psychical strength
His youth, good memories, or his imagination


Good work @Blizzard!

very good poem.

i was jw if you meant psychic or physical in the second to last line?

I meant to type “physical” because I did stay in half decent shape until the weight gain from the ap’s, age, and the negative symptoms of the disorder eventually destroyed it and I was very active for the first 2 decades of the disorder. I was lucky to have a family who took me places where I could remain in decent shape for quite some time until my Mom, and step-father divorced, my father died, and my niece and Mother left town at which point I became the “dead” person in an apartment on the high crime area of town dependent on public transportation and eventually being moved to a group home by my brothers.


wow thanks for sharing blizzard.

recently as in last month my grandma died after being in nursing home for about 8 years and living with alzheimers… then last week my parents went to plan my moms funeral because shes got stage 4 bone cancer… i was living in a group home for 18 months until last october when i moved in with my ex gf and she ended up having episodes, being sza too, to the point that i couldnt live with her because of her instability. about a month or two ago i got word from her dad that she got sent to the state asylum. as of right now since i was able to get a gf last year and raise my testosterone levels i have been doing 150 pushups everyday and sometimes throughout the week some other upper body weight training at home.

Nice work. I really liked this! :sunglasses:

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