Signs of alzheimers

Like I’m not retired or at the age of retirement but I feel like I might have some dementia symptoms. I’m suffering from tactile hallucinations. The hallucination had the nerve to tap my rear end while I was talking and before then there was the voice of a man laughing at me at the same place.

You know I’m scared that I’m not well enough for college. Only know once I try. But I think my dementia will get in the way. I need to practice memorizing stuff.


Although I’m not qualified to rule out any disease or disorder (I’m not a medical professional), I suspect that the “dementia symptoms” that you think you have might actually be part of the cognitive deficit that many individuals with schizophrenia suffer from. I’ve read that some researchers actually consider schizophrenia’s cognitive symptoms to be a core part of the disorder. What “dementia symptoms” do you think you have?

The “schizophrenia symptoms” link on this site’s (’s) home page says that the cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia include the following: disorganized thinking; slow thinking; difficulty understanding; poor concentration; poor memory; difficulty expressing thoughts; and difficulty integrating thoughts, feelings, and behavior. I experience most of the symptoms I just listed myself when untreated, and even though the vitamin D that I’m taking now seems to be helping with the symptoms to an extent, I don’t know how well it will help me in the long run. Do you experience any of the symptoms that I listed? If you do, I would recommend mentioning them to your treatment professionals to see if they might recommend any treatment strategies. I will say that it’s my understanding that the cognitive and “negative” symptoms of schizophrenia tend to be more difficult to treat than the hallucinations and delusions, but maybe your treatment professionals might have some ideas that you might find to be beneficial.

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I have been watching one alzheimer patient quite closely over three years now. Three years ago he was able to go to a store and buy things without help, but today he just sits on a chair without saying anything. Another person has to take care of him and all his basic needs such as his WC needs. So in three years he has lost so much and it is easy to analyze this.

Thanks I’ll mention my forgetfulness and confusion to my psychiatrist next time I see her. Diseases of the mind are very serious. But sometime I got to smile and be thankful for the good things.

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