Signed up for dating lol

yes i signed up for a dating site,

i have been messaging people hoping for a response,

really hoping it will work this time :smile:

i have done these things before but got nowhere

i dont thin i am that ugly

anyway i hope someone responds :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Some good tips on how to be succcessful on the online dating sites:



Wish you good luck on that website, daydreamer. I was wondering if you can get a girlfriend from college life or be introduced to sweep’s girlfriends?

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Best of luck
Have fun trying!

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thanks guys, sweep has no girlfriends she is a good friend and she is happy for me to do this, she is part of the family and whoever i meet will have to accept that she is my friend, probably sounds stupid but i think this might make things complicated :frowning: but sweep and i have spent 10 years together as friends so i can’t just turn my back on her.

i wrote in my profile that i wasn’t looking for a cheap bang and if thats what you want you can ■■■■ off, but it wasn’t that bad lol

sent messages saying things like- how are you and i want to get to know you better, also said i loved animals bc i do and that i was going xmas carolling tonight lol,

gotta make it interesting,

i wasn’t committed before and i didn’t know what to say, it was hard to find the words but now i am ready :slight_smile:

@SzAdmin those links were awesome :thumbsup: really good advice there and i agree with it completely :slight_smile:

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don’t seem to be many on the site i signed up with :frowning:

i’m starting to lose heart in it again even though i’ve paid my subscription fee :thumbsdown:

Good luck being happy is important and contend too…

Ugh, try Plenty of Fish or something. It’s free.

And don’t give up hope. Everyone deserves to have someone love them. Just don’t set your sights too high. (That’s not in any way intended as an insult. I just remember a couple posts of yours in the past that seemed to indicate that you do that a lot.)

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Try plenty of fish or okcupid

yeah, i’ve tried plenty of fish but i got nothing,

i only did this bc my sister is doing it too

but i’m trying to not set my sights to high

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I was giving up looking for a love one,because I might be stressed about it,but of course I would love to have a lover,taking care of myself is more important right?:slight_smile:

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