Sign of respect

I was walking outside alone yesterday there were these 4 black kids walking and I was headed straight on with them. I’m not racist one bit but gotta admit I was a little intimidated probably cuz they were older kids more than their race or maybe they just seemed sketchy a little. But one was a little older than the other 3. But I was walking on the right side of the sidewalk. When we approached I said in my mind “I will not move to the side, to prove I’m not intimidated” so i stayed on the sidewalk. At the last moment this kid like 16 years old moved his right to not bump into me because he saw me continuing my path on the sidewalk. So once I saw him move out of my way I then went OFF the sidewalk to my right. As a reaction to his reaction. To give him extra space since he gave me extra space. At that moment the oldest kid yelled “RESPECT!!” It was all body language communication but it felt really good even though I will maybe never see these kids again. I went from nervous a little to prideful. Never thought they would hurt me or anything but maybe say something to me negative and I have difficulty dealing with negative social interactions with strangers. But it felt good turned out good in the end.


It’s good to recognize when you have unconsciously prejudiced thoughts. Everyone has them, and it’s good you were able to overcome your personal bias and turn it into a positive interaction.


Next time I will most likely just move to the side. No need to “prove myself” any more. I’m grateful for a positive experience. A therapist once told me that “every positive experience in the name of prejudice breaks the prejudice a little bit”. That was when I was on the other side of the prejudice, when a black guy ignoring and was rude to me because I was white…when I was just trying to return a dog that was following me to his home. She said my actions will break his prejudice towards people like me a little bit…

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I am more comfortable if the person approaching is bending down his head and looking at his phone.

You are not a loser by “just move to the side”. I have the same feeling too.

Moving to this neighborhood has been great for my outlook on life. It’s a gentrified area…that still has a housing project. So it’s very diverse and nice too. I saw a sign yesterday “Black rock does not tolerate hatred” or something, so maybe it’s like everyone who’s lived here for a while has learned to be less prejudice and hateful. You have all African Americans In one neighborhood that isn’t very nice then obviously many will hate white ppl and fear them too. You put all white ppl in a nice area where the cops pull u over for being not white, then those white ppl may fear black ppl. But then u have where I live. Diverse and open minded is preached. Everybody learns to coexist. Might be an adjustment period but I’m erasing those prejudices pretty quick probably cuz I’m open minded. It’s great imo.


This was about 20 years ago, but I walked into an AA meeting in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, and I was the only white d00d there. Most of the room’s occupants were FBIs (Friggin’ Big Indians). I was immediately wondering if I was about to get my lights punched out.

“Uh, I don’t mean to be rude, but am I welcome at this meeting?”
“Do you have a desire to stop drinking?”
“Hell yes.”
“Then pull up a stump, son.”

One of the best AA meetings I ever attended and I came out of there with all kinds of phone numbers and names. The most amazing things happen once you can make it past a first impression.



Yeah @velociraptor. I’ve been to MANY, AA, CA, and NA, meetings on a regular basis that had predominantly black people. I literally felt as comfortable on those meetings as any other meetings I’ve been to. If you don’t bug them then they won’t bug you. And black people can be hilarious in their own way and I felt a little privileged to witness it. The Big Book or the literature says it straight out clearly. “The only criteria for joining AA is a desire to get clean”. So no one can stop you from going.

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