Sign language interpreter says he has schizophrenia

My sister just told me about this. On the good side it is bring schizophrenia into the open where it should be.

When I saw that on CNN I said to my myself “that guy does not have schizophrenia”. :smile:

I was so ticked off when I saw the comments on a couple of these articles. What that guy described is so much like what my younger son goes through. He can be fine, and then get under stress and all of a sudden there is a whole other world around him. Ticks me off that people can be so mean. Also, someone can have schiz AND simply be incompetent.

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South Africa investigates Nelson Mandela interpreter ‘murder charge’

At first I was thinking, does this guy really have schizophrenia? or is he really a “normal” person blaming his fraudulent behavior on a made up dx of schizophrenia. He killed someone, I hope he does not have sz.