Sigh, I've had this argument before about 25 years ago

I was talking to my roommate tonight about gambling and casinos. He was telling me about some of his gambling adventures and then he claims he knows a trick about the Roulette that will make him win every time. He said he can take a $1200.00 and play Roulettte and it’s guarenteed that he will win. He said he did it 7 years ago. I had my doubts.

Of course I asked the obvious question: If you can win at a gambling game every time than why aren’t you a millionaire? I told him that the last I heard that the casinos ALWAYS have the odds tilted their way on every game. He said he was winning so much that the casino kicked him out. I said,“Why didn’t you go to each casino in the city you were gambling at and win a couple of thousand in each one and than leave before they catch on and make a million dollars that way?”.

I lived with a guy 25 years ago who told me he had a fool-proof method for winning at blackjack. He took off to Reno by himself with a $300.00 and of course he came home broke. For the sake of argument, I know that it really is possible for some people to use contraptions or card counting or other tricks to get one over on the house. I just have doubts that these guys have the brains or cunning to it.


I’ve known several guys that said similar things. Obviously it’s a load of sh*t, but sometimes I think they’re so deluded that they believe their own lies.

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