Sick of things?

Let’s destroy it then.

We’ll just rid ourselves of all of this.

We won’t leave anything here.

■■■■ this whole ■■■■■■■ thing.

Destroy this thing.


You are always so nihilistic pansdisease. I AGREE…sometimes destruction can be a healthy purification, but there are different types. You can only keep dividing and taking away from until at the core its just one square, we live in a dimensionless universe IMHO there’s no need to create illusions of life or its destruction, we instead should try and figure out what it means to simply exist and believe.

Lets destroy the thing. Down with the machine!

Our forum posts will be archived and deleted along with schizophrenia someday :wink:

I can’t fix everything. I can’t fix the Middle East. I can’t fix poverty everywhere.


My wife and I noticed a problem in our daughter’s school. We designed a program to fix it. It’s working and the community is happy. We’re going in this morning to set up some kids to work today in that program.

If everyone would just step up and try to fix one thing in their own community, we wouldn’t have to read most of the horrible news items we do. The onus is on us as individuals to not complain when we see something wrong, but ask, “how can I help make it better?” Because that’s the only way things improve.


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I like some things, so I vote no on destroying all of it.

As long as there are different types of people on this earth, there are conflicts, what comes to the Middle-East, conflicts have been there as long as I have lived, but maybe one day people shall build rather than destroy, in the mean while I have stopped watching depressing news, make love and be happy :wink: