Sick of the heat

Manitoba has had heat warnings 25 days so far this summer with another 4 days of it this week. And it is bone dry. Farmers are selling their cattle because there is no feed. The crops are all dead. Fires are burning out of control. This summer has been record breaking in not a good way. Not a great place to live right now.


We are still in winter and today it’s like 25 degrees C. I’m wearing shorts and have been walking around inside without a shirt on. It’s going to be a long hot summer over here as well I’m sure.

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It’s already fall in northern Europe. It’s raining as we speak. :frowning:

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Send us the rain!!! We are in dire need!!

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I hate the heat!! Can’t wait until fall


Torrential downpour here right now, which is awesome. Looks like it’s heading east, hope it makes it as far as you.

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Mid week they say but that changes hourly lol

Yah. We had four rain days that never happened in the last two weeks. Hot, dry, and so much smoke I can barely walk. I think I’ve seen clouds maybe on four or five days since July 1st.

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