Sick of explaining

So several people (teachers included) at my school often confuse schizophrenia and did or other personality disorders and i hate it and although I’m not ready to be open about my condition I really want a simple way to explain differences and miss conceptions without getting personal, any tips?

Well I am a pretty blunt and snarky person when I am agitated. I would just tell them, “You are saying ignorant things. Go do some research.” And if they asked me to explain I would say, “That’s not my responsibility.” And walk away.

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You don’t need to say you have sz, just explain like you would to a child.


not really, when i was in college i had a teacher who was talking about a sz person running around naked and stuff and i thought to myself that that doesnt represent the entire sz community as a whole, but she was using that as an example to show how bad it could get as a sz person, but anyway apart from that there was lots of instances where i had to keep my mouth shut or i would risk everyone knowing and that would be the worst thing ever, i dont want people fussing over me or making fun of me, that sucks.

I had to explain it to my cousin, she didn’t understand the difference. So finally I just told her that I had an illness similar to it but I didn’t go into details. I just offered up the most well known facts about it.

But how do u explain? Like what things do you clarify to show the difference

I’d just explain to them that did is a completely separate disorder. People with schizophrenia do not have multiple personalities. If they are still confused then explain a little bit about what schizophrenia actually is. No need to get personal if u don’t want to.

Don’t talk about fight club. Actually I wouldn’t disclose it to them. They’ll get judgemental and use it against you . At least America do

People usually get really tired of me explaining haha

It’s kind of a compulsive anxiety thing for me I think