Sick of everything

I’m sick of living like this i’m Sick off this hosptail i’m in a I hate it I want to leave I want to feel like I belong with the human race, new meds are making me feel emotions again I’m just sick of everything what do I do


You feel this now not forever


You might feel like this. I certainly feel like this occasionally. It’s okay to get angry, to feel rage, to be filled with hatred and to feel bad. It’s the way we choose to express it that matters most.

Here Comes That Sinking Feeling

Have you ever heard the sound of disappointment?
It tangles your head like a winter rose
Comes up eager and shining
And it likes to leave a scar before it goes

Here comes that sinking feeling
(Can’t keep it to myself)

Nobody hurts me like you do
You cut into me like a poison dart
Creep into my sleep at night
Break into my dreams and tear them apart

Here comes that sinking feeling

Have you ever felt the sound of disappointment?
It pounds in your head like hammer blows
Comes on gentle and smiling
And it likes to leave a scar…
Here it comes again no
Here comes that sinking feeling

Patience, patience, patience,

You are a human, just in a hard condition,

I feel like this at home. Just went for a walk and had a softdrink at a shop. Couldn’t get excellent ideas but it cheered me up.

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I felt that way at the hospital but I met two younger ladies and we talked a lot, went for smokes together. It made all the difference. Not sure if this is applicable. I hope your situation improves

Just follow what the doctors tell you what to do. It’s just temporary.

I feel like that after I’ve eaten too much.

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