Sick of being a drain on society

Thinking about quitting my antidepressant.

Quitting Cold turkey means no sleep, and no sleep means the anti-psychotic stops working.

No more being Mr Lazy i’ll be Mr psychotic.

Quitting an antidepressant cold turkey is a very silly idea

It’s not worth it. stay on your meds.

I understand, I sleep about 14 hours a day on my meds, and I hate it, but it beats daily voices.

I ended up in psych ward cause of this


I thinking about it because if I can get this med to stop working it’s likely no med will work

That makes no sense.

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Quitting your APs without being under the supervision of a doctor is never advisable. It can cause all kinds of adverse affects to your physical health, and wreak havoc on your mental health. Please consult with your psychiatrist ASAP. If you feel you can’t wait until you can get in to see your psychiatrist, try a crisis hotline.


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