Sick of attracting guys attention


@ginalovea2. I went thru menopause 13 years ago and it happened to me too. I still get approached just going out to even the grocery store. Some men don’t lose sexual desire until like late 70’s or even 80’s.


B.O. and lots of it it’s the only answer guys are helplessly programed . Serriously though even older guys might take it wrong. Married men have no business hanging out with a woman. Maybe with couples if she don’t get gelious. As as Christian I wouldn’t treat you like that but because I’m married I wouldn’t hang out with a woman except casual chat. But there are other women like you you just have to look . Good luck to you,. Maybe only hang out with three or more people.


I think you may be stuck with it, the attractive part is you do get along with guys and are laid back. One gal I know here is the same way and attracts a lot of guys, she is a guy in many ways. A lot of women have told me they try not to even look at a guy and smile cause they think you want them. Sad really.

As you age it might get easier.


Nonononono. Shut up. I’m hot as hell and LET ME tell you it is not fun being stared at wherever you go and harassed by men everywhere. Nobody likes being stared at like some raw meat. With my social anxiety, being attractive isn’t an amazing ■■■■ parade. It’s shitty and I rarely leave my house.

You sound maybe like you’re bitter and jealous because possibly you aren’t attractive enough to get attention? So maybe just stop lol. Shhhhhhh. SHHHHH. Thank you.


I’m not bitter or jealous, just saying that Father Time catches up with us all. But of course I don’t know what it’s like to be oogled at by women whenever I go out


Many guys can’t handle just being friends with females.
They usually want more.
If you can’t handle this, then I suggest becoming friends with females.
I’m sorry but I don’t know what else to tell you.


Listen @Berru please don’t try and make yourself less pretty or cover up your boobs. You should never have to hide yourself to feel respected or get less attention from your friends.

I have some guy friends as well. They’re easier to get along with vs girls. You just have to be VERY firm. If they ever touch you? Punch them as hard as you can. You need to set up some boundaries. You should never feel uncomfortable when you’re with your guy friends. If you are, stop hanging out with them and make new friends.

It really is sad though. How when pretty girls like us show interest in being friends with guys, all they can think about is our bodies. It’s almost offensive, like why do you think I’m too hot to be your friend?

Something you’ll learn one day. Most guys are scum. It’s hard to find a guy who enjoys your company and values your friendship without also treating you like an object and drooling everytime you bend over.

Oh and as for the guys that will retort with ‘oh if she’s attractive there’s nothing wrong with noticing’ dude I am so queer let me tell you. I love woman. I have beautiful girl friends as well. And I never objectify them or make them uncomfortable. So…

I wish I could word this better. I just woke up so my brain is mush. Maybe when I wake up more I can actually properly explain myself.


Another option might be meetup groups geared to asexuals.

Sounds very specific but you’d be surprised.

There are actually a fair number of people who are asexual.


I’ve had one girl that was my friend. I had a crush on her pretty much right from the start. It worked out as far as being friends at the same time. I am a Christian. I think I could have a women as a friend. I’m pretty sure about that.


Girl I 110% feel you on that. Yesterday I was proposed to at the DMV. I walk literally 5 steps in the door and some random sketchy guy said I was beautiful, then came up to me (I couldn’t get away because I was in line) and asked if he could marry me, if he could take me to dinner, etc. The guy in front of me then called a staff member over who called security and had him escorted away. Then the guy in front of me told me he had seen the guy doing “weird things” behind me which I don’t even want to know.

I was harassed on a regular basis when I lived in the city and often followed by grown men twice my age. It’s incredibly intimidating especially when you’re alone. I’ve had men reach out to touch me or grab my arm and pull me towards them before. It’s unacceptable.


To be honest I’ve had a lot of guy friends/acquaintances at school growing up and I basically never got asked out. I’m very ugly though and I didn’t hang out outside of school with them for the most part. I’ve only ever had one boyfriend and I’m 27 years old. They probably do like your personality along with how you look. Just because they think you’re attractive and want a deeper relationship doesn’t mean they hate your personality.


Hmm if i would have a handsome guy as my close friend…perhaps i would like to cheer up some lonely nights with him. But that’s just me tho.


Wow Anna that’s all extremely inappropriate behavior on their part. Sorry you went through that.


Enjoy your big boobs while you’re young. Because when you’re 96 years old, you’re gonna wake up with one in your coffee, and the other in your oatmeal! :wink:


I haven’t seen you, but I doubt that you’re ugly. Nobody is ugly.

I do think the guys like my personality too, but I want them to get to know me better before deciding they’re attracted to me based on what little they’ve experienced of me.

It seems like a lot of the attraction is just in their heads because they get confused, and it annoys me that they’re kidding themselves like that. I’m sure most of them just want companionship, but think romantic or sexual companionship is the only kind they can get with a woman.


@PatrickT, can you quit sending me pics of your med-induced man boobs… ain’t nobody wanna see that sh*t!!


Physical contact that wasn’t invited and was intentional is assault, and ought to be reported.


I have guy friends and they never seem to poke at my boobs or be suggestive. I have had guy friends since my teenage years. Maybe once or twice a friend got interested in me but I was not interested.

It could be just the way you are. Maybe you are very approachable. If these men are lonely, no wonder they are interested in you. It is understandable. So either keep distance or choose one.

I rarely get along with other women too. But I am as girly as possible. I love makeup, fashion etc.
I have a few best friends who are women from childhood, but I don’t see them I guess. It is part of growing up, you learn to suck it up and be friends with everyone, even people you don’t like, you need to look at the positive side of things and positive qualities of those around you (most of the time).

It seems you are hanging around the wrong people.


BTW you are very attractive and cute. :wink:


I haven’t read all the comments but just let me put this out there a lot of guys wanna make friends with you for your looks. It is questionable how faithful they’ll be to your friendship once you get ugly or something. Girl friends are harder to make but I think they last longer and it is not about makeup and shopping you can find all kinds of personalities in girls. Guys who are easy to make friends with may also be easier to loose over time. If you are intent on keeping the guy friends, just brush them off and keep their advances at bay. Or shut them down and stop talking to them if they go too far.