\\\/\/\/\ -Sick/ & \Healthy- /\/\/\///

Ok So as a Schizophrenic it is Easy to Say that You (over time) Have Lost One (OR) Two things Perhaps Many More … ,

So Within Your Personal Philosophy What Have You Lost Personally (???) ,

Because of Schizophrenia … ,

e(Y)e Would Say , , ,

That e(Y)e Lost tha Silence at thee End of a Day to Self Reflect , Because of my Voices … ,

So Dear Forumer , if You Were to Give Advice to a “normal” Individual to Naught Take for Granted Something You Have Lost What Would You Say … ,

Here , Where tha Sick Gives Advice to tha Healthy … … …

On holiday on the balcony with champagne and listening to the sea, now I miss hearing the motorway the birds and the silence

People take their sanity for granted, for sure, and feel high and mighty about it, when they fall short in several things, that us, the wackos are able to see clearly as being out of line with what’s supposed to be normal.

Some take for granted their families, while others don’t have anyone to help them.

Some take for granted their posessions, cars and houses and food, and forget a lot of people in the world don’t have access to a meal.

Hmpft… there is more for sure.


I guess I miss the days when I could actually watch TV, watch a DVD movie, or listen to lyrical music without getting paranoid. barely can have fun with my brother, because of these shortcomings.

Not Being Able to Lock onto tha Birds Singing Would be a Nitemare … , Those Guys and Gals Cheer me Up Every Mourning … , Sorry For Your Loss Dude … , Hopefully You Will Fynde a Way in tha Future (!!!)

Onli Slightly Annoying that Some Can Live that Way and Feel No Sense of Guilt … , When e(Y)e Step on a Dead Leaf and it Crackles e(Y)e Feel Guilty … , Sometimes (as it can be annoying) , but Sometimes Being “odd” (OR) “weird” Can Feel Pretty Good … , e(Y)e Was Walking Once Carrying a Bible and , as e(Y)e Got to tha Store to Pick Up Some Smokes there was a Young Woman My Age in a Car with tha Window Rolled Down , She Smiled at me and We Jus Started a Quick Convo , , , Turned Out She Was Schizophrenic Also … , She Knew Something Was Up with me with that Bible in my Hand , “weirdos” Everywhere … … …

Those Were tha Daise … , Been There Man … , Have You Ever Hear of AMBIENT … ,

(OR) POST-ROCK (???) , You Probs Have but When e(Y)e Had Issues With Media and Paranoia e(Y)e Would go to that Shazz … , Seemed to Fill in tha Blanks Pretty Good … … …

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I also miss the high I had from a lot of dopeamine it’s like I had a joint I was taking painkillers and thought they were making me high

That is Interesting for You to Say … ,

e(Y)e Personally Would Laugh for no Reason and Peoples Would Hate me for it … ,

Naught Everyone , but tha Ones who D(Y)D Would want to Call tha Police … … …